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Default Hair/fur the easy way

Ok this is my first tutorial so i might screw up a bit. But anyway this is how i do hair/fur.(Most the time) KEEP IN MIND!!! This tutorial was drawn in 512x512 so pixel sizes for brushes will be different on a smaller scale. But i think you can figure it out.

EDIT!: Added ingame shot. To me im now thinking this tutorial looks good just for hair that way the detail may be noticable in portrait.(See celestial mystic unwrap here. But Might be to fine for fur. I think on the abom it came out ok though.

Ok here we go.
1.) Start out by selecting a designated area (i work with small then get to larger ones.) Then color the whole area black like so.
Zoom (requires log in)
2.) Select the dodge tool and set it to shadows with 100% opacity and a size of 1 pixel. Then scripple around untill it looks like this. Keep direction the hair is going in mind.
Zoom (requires log in)

3.)Set the dodge tool to 3 pixels and whatever opacity you want. Add some highlights like so.
Zoom (requires log in)

*4.) This step is optional. I did it in this tutorial because im trying different things with the skin im making. Erw will kill you and so will tdr but take the smudge tool on a low opacity and just go down the lines of hair to make it blur a bit. Like i said this is optional and some people like the look better if you DONT smudge. So i threw this in here for hahas but the rest of the tutorial can be done with or without this step.
Zoom (requires log in)
5.) Take the dodge tool and add some more highlights after smuding (if you did)
Zoom (requires log in)

6.) Now go to the layer tab on top of screen and select create new layer. Set layer type to overlay OR normal which ever you prefer. If you use normal set the brush opacity to a low %.
Zoom (requires log in)
7.) Now take the dodge tool/burn tool and add some highlights and shadows. This step looks a little sloppy but i was a bit rushed just to get this tut out for denu. *If you dont like dodge and burn feel free to use white and black but be careful*
Zoom (requires log in)

8.) Final step is just shading. I use a normal type layer and white/black at around 10% or lower. I tried to go for a cold feel in this because thats the theme of the skin i was making but you DO NOT need to do this. Shade to the appropiate theme.
Zoom (requires log in)
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