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Here are a few methods to make the following: Clouds, Fur, Fibers, Foil, Fire, Chipped Stone, Glass block or Tile
(just felt like putting it in there), Brushed Metal, and Grass .

1. Set colors to light blue and white
2. Go to Filters>Render>Clouds
Zoom (requires log in)

1. Set colors to a yellow and an orange
2. Go to Filters>Render>Clouds
3. Duplicate this layer (Drag it onto the New Layer button)
4. Go to Layer>New Layer Mask>Reveal all
5. Reset your colors to B/W and go to Filters>Render>Clouds
6. Set the blend mode (in the top left of the layers palette) to color burn
Zoom (requires log in)

1. B/W colors
2. Filters>Render>Clouds
3. Filter>Sketch>Chrome
Zoom (requires log in)

Chipped Stone
1. B/W colors
2. Filters>Render>Clouds
3. Filter>Sketch>Bas Relief
4. Recolor as desired
Zoom (requires log in)

Tile/Glass Block
1. B/W colors
2. Filters>Render>Clouds
3. Filters>Distort>Glass (set texture to blocks)
4. Recolor as desired
Zoom (requires log in)

1. B/W colors
2. Filters>Render>Clouds
3. Ctrl+Shift+L to do Auto Levels
4. Filters>Stylise>glowing edges
5. Recolor as desired
Zoom (requires log in)

Fur (Photoshop 7 and up)
1. Set your colors to a light brown and dark brown
2. Set your paint bush to the Dune Grass brush (in the tool bar)
3. Scribble around
(Makes good grass if green)
Zoom (requires log in)

Brushed metal
1. With the gradient tool set to the copper gradient (in the obtions toolbar) drag from the top left to bottom right of the doc.
2. Ctrl+Shift+U to desaturate
3. Filter>Noise>Add noise (Amount=25, Distrobution=Uniform, Monochromatic checked)
4. Filter>Blur>Motion Blur (angle=45, Distance 40)
Zoom (requires log in)

Though I use all of these textures I did not discover all of them. They have been compiled from books, magazines, and my own experiences. So don't flame me if you recognize one of them. If you want to know how to make something that is not on this list post it here and I'll see if I can figure out how.
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