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Information Pack Status

Kyrbi0, for now I think proofreadable races can be: Blood Elves, Naga and Trolls' League (also a short look on interface (triggers) could be helpful).

In this post I'll put and update pack status (and completion status):

Races descriptions will come soon

No ideas (open to suggestions) ("(?)" means that all the idea is in discussion and so changeable)
In mind
Done somewhere else (to port and adapt for the project)
In game
Almost Completed (To Revamp/Bug fix)

Game modes (for a total of 8):
Normal (Races) (That was surely easy)

What to explain? :P

Deathmatch (Mini-races)

Players start with a great amount of resources, for a fast battle. Thanks to Evil_Arthas 87 for the idea.

Invaders vs Natives (Mini-races/Native Mini-races)

One or more squads of players against a squad formed of a native mini-race. (Nerubians in Northrend, for example) My idea.

Gold Rush (Races or Mini-races)

After 45 minutes of play, the player or the squad with more mines wins. Yes, a simple control-point game. My idea.

(No name yet) (Hero only mode)

All players start with a buiding to choose the hero. The players have to defend their building as long as they can from creep hordes. The player lasting longer wins. (no PVP in this mode) Thanks to Evil_Arthas 87 for the main idea. (that I modified :P)

Involution (Races)

All players start with a huge army that slowly "involves" (loses power-ups, troops changes to more-basic versions etc.) until only the hero remains, the goal is to win before also the hero disappears. My idea. (well, really of my brother, but he doesn't want credits :P)

Creep Commander (Hero only mode)

All players start with a hero, the goal is to build an army converting the creeps of the map to kill the enemy (new creeps will spawn periodically and the spawning point will be signaled to all players). My idea.

Native Overlord (Native Mini-races)

All players start with a developed base (except houses (and towers for Nerubians)), they'll fight for their native race's supremacy. No allies allowed and all the players will have different races. My idea.

Normal races (for a total of 8):

Blood Elves
Dwarves (sorry for being unoriginal :P)

Trolls' League
Goblins (same as Dwarves)

Pandaren (Pandaren as undead? It was the last slot remaining...)

Night Elves:
Corrupted Ancients
Woodsgang (Gnolls and Fubolgs)

Standard Mini-races (counts also as Natives for "Native Overlord") (for a total of 12):

Crusaders (Lordaeron, Barrens)
Fel Humans (Of Alterac) (Outland, Lordaeron)
The "F" Factor (Lordaeron, Barrens) (Yes, the contest race, only waiting for major debugging, new models and perhaps some major spell changes)

Draenei (Unbroken) (Outland)
Ogres (Barrens, Lordaeron)
Centaurs (Barrens)

Nerubians (Northrend)
Murlocs (Barrens, Lordaeron)
Unbroken/Faceless (?) (Northrend)

Night Elves:
Watchers (no native land for them in-pack, so I'll say Barrens)
Kobolds (Lordaeron, Barrens, Northrend)
Quillboars (Barrens)

Native mini-races (only usable in "invaders vs Natives" (native squad) and in "Native Overlord") (for a total of 8):

Tuskarrs (Northrend)
Bandits (Lordaeron)

Draenei (Broken/Lost Ones) (Outland)
Taurens (Barrens)

Arachnatids (Northrend)
Skeletal Legion (Outland, Lordaeron, Northrend)

Night Elves:
Azure Dragonspawns/Draconians (?) (Northrend)
Imps/Magespawns (?) (Outland)

Maps (for a total of 4):
(4) Draenei Keep (Outland (Really Black Citadel, but it's the same))
(6) ??? (Northrend / Icecrown Glacier)
(6) ??? (Lordaeron)
(8) ??? (Barrens)

AI Status:
In game (for the current races) but has to be redone from scratch (scripting it, thing that I should learn :/)

When I got this whole written in Blue, I can say the Pack is completed.
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