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Originally Posted by Kyrbi0
So what's this about a Troll race, mmmm? :P

An old idea, to be honest (3 years :P)
Initially this pack was intended to be followed by a campaign for each race, in Trolls' League's campaign Island Trolls (like the Darkspear Clan) suffered from heavy attacks by a Naga army, the result of this was Island Trolls seeking for aid from the other Trolls and re-forming a long-time past league with fighters from each of the 4 Troll races in WC3.

I also have ideas (but sadly not the time) for campaigns made from the other 4 main races.

Last thing, actually I'm working on having an almost decent (but still rough) english beta for a closed beta testing (it'll be hopefully finished on Saturday), are you interested? As a "fellow custom-racer" your tips could be really helpful.
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