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Originally Posted by Dragoon
A small hint, I started a race project before, and it is MUCH easier to build only mini-races at first, and later build them up to big, major races.

Yeah, that's true, in fact I'll start every new race as a mini-race, but some of them are meant to remain small (ex: Murlocs or Kobolds), some of them will be expanded (Nerubians?) if I have enough models, spells and also ideas.

However, this is my first project, but it's also quite old (I made the first 4 races and Draenei 3 years ago, Nerubians and Woodsgang a year ago, Alliance Remains just some weeks ago, though I made very long pauses between periods and I began to use custom models only recently), so the amount of work for the races is way less than it may seem. Thanks for passing and for the interest you shown.
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