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Exclamation Warcraft - The Withering Kind

This main post will be reworked sooner or later, in the meantime enjoy these links:

[Files]Testing Thread (Betas and other cool things)

Blood Elves: (0.1a)

[Hero]Blood Elf Tracker
[Units]Units part 1
[Units]Units part 2 / [Hero]Occult Invoker
[Hero]Scarlet Enforcer

[Image]*Crappy* Menu Recolor

[Misc]Beta (0.1a) Completion Checklist
[Misc](Spoiler) Mini-races in the Blood Elven campaign

The "F" Factor: (0.1b)

[Misc]Beta (0.1b) Completion Checklist

[Image]BE + Neutral Heroes

VERY outdated (and useless) info, still here for "historical reasons"

G'morning, guys, I'm working on a "simple" map project: doing a race with everything that moves in the game.

It will consist in two kind of races:

Full Races: Work as the in-game races

Buildings: a simple hall, barracks, a building for spellcasters, a farm (or something similar) and a tower.

Units: a basic melee unit, a ranged unit, a strong melee unit, 2 spellcasters, a siege weapon and a hero (but if you want more heroes you can use Taverns, right? )

For now there are 9 races and 4 game modes:

Full Races:
Blood Elves -> Humans
Trolls' League -> Orcs
Nagas -> Undead
Corrupted Ancients -> Night Elves
Woodsgang (Gnolls & Furbolgs) -> Night Elves

Alliance Remains -> Humans
Draenei -> Orcs
Nerubians -> Undead
Watchers -> Night Elves

Game modes:
1. Standard Melee (Races) (by Michael Peppers)
2. Deathmatch (Mini-Races) (players start with a great amount of resources, for a fast battle) (by Evil_Arthas 87)
3. Invaders vs Natives (Mini-Races) (one or more squads of players against a squad formed of a native mini-race (Nerubians in Northrend, for example)) (by Michael Peppers)
4. Gold Rush (Races or Mini-Races) (after 45 minutes of play, the player or the squad with more mines wins) (by Michael Peppers)

It's meant as a single-player pack, so I made some AI for all races, but I guess it will work also in multiplayer.

No need to say that any help would be appreciated and rewarded with rep points.

Comments and suggestions will be appreciated too.

Version: 0.1a
- Added Gold and Lumber exchange in item shops
- Added a fourth mini-race: Watchers
- Created a new map for the project (Draenei Keep)
- Fixed Victory/Defeat Triggers for Gold Rush
- Fixed AI Expansion Sites bugs (and NOW I'm happy! :) )
- Implemented Custom Player Colors for Multiboards (for now there's only 1 of them, in Gold Rush)
- Enhanced (only a bit) Deathmatch AI
- No more Glow Color errors!
- 3 new spells for the Elvish Rogue
- United squads feature now works
- New units for Blood Elves, Naga and Trolls!
- All custom content but the AI has been moved to a self-executing MPQ!
- Some triggers have been redone in JASS/vJass to increase maps fluency

Not in the download: (for now)
- More changes to come :P

Coming Soon:
- New units for the full races (for a total of 12 for each race)
- All triggers vJassed
- The "F" Factor v2.5 (SR version) (but it will take a lot of time, believe me...)
- A unique flying unit for each mini-race

Current Problems:
- Since I don't know how to make spells (for now) Now I can code decent spells but I'm lazy, so there are almost no new spells, and most of the new spells are modified in-game spells
- There may be some AI problems
- Final tech-tree results won't work for: Woodsgang, Draenei, Nerubians, Alliance Remains, Watchers.

Currently working on:
- Bug Fixing (no matter what you do, new bugs will always peep out)
- Models and Spells Implementing
- Reworking the main races

The project is now in closed beta testing, I won't release an open beta until:
- I'll have 51 new hero spells (16 of them must be the final 6th level spells) I'll be satisfied by the overall quality (so not soon :P)

Beta testers (for now) are:
Michael Peppers
Evil_Arthas 87

English closed beta now released! (Wanna join the testers? Let me know in this thread)
Other useful posts:
Pack Status

- 2 new game modes exclusively intended for the testers:

1. Bug Hunt: Find a bug, take it to me and I'll kill it.
2. In Search Of The Wrong Letter: Hot-key issues to find in the map.
(But remember the most important thing a beta tester should do: give suggestions to improve the project)

Last thing: if you are italian or for some freaky reason you want to test the italian version, specify it in your post.
Italian version on hold

Race screens: (Nerubians only, for now)
Click image for larger version

Name:	Nerubian.jpg
Views:	744
Size:	809.9 KB
ID:	40624

Another Update:

I got bored of the old screens so I made some badass ingame screens:

Both taken from Gold Rush:
Click image for larger version

Name:	TLvsCA.jpg
Views:	775
Size:	722.6 KB
ID:	40882Click image for larger version

Name:	BEvsCA.jpg
Views:	732
Size:	730.0 KB
ID:	40883

1. My Troll allies are defending their base from a Corrupted Ancients' assault.
2. Me (Blood Elves) kickin' some Ancients' asses, thanks also to "Bouncing Ball".

7 from Invaders vs Natives:
Click image for larger version

Name:	IvsN001.jpg
Views:	707
Size:	577.8 KB
ID:	40887Click image for larger version

Name:	IvsN002.jpg
Views:	643
Size:	554.5 KB
ID:	40888Click image for larger version

Name:	IvsN003.jpg
Views:	618
Size:	574.8 KB
ID:	40889Click image for larger version

Name:	IvsN004.jpg
Views:	596
Size:	658.4 KB
ID:	40890Click image for larger version

Name:	IvsN005.jpg
Views:	613
Size:	731.2 KB
ID:	40891Click image for larger version

Name:	IvsN006.jpg
Views:	615
Size:	644.7 KB
ID:	40892Click image for larger version

Name:	IvsN007.jpg
Views:	592
Size:	707.8 KB
ID:	40893


1. My Watcher allies have to learn something about siege...
2. Me (Nerubians) stuck in a corner of Draenei's base. HELP!
3. My Watcher allies have finally cleared their entrance from the towers...
4. While I distract the enemies...
5. ...My Allies clear the area! (But my units are dead... )
6. Watchers vs. Watchers, who'll win? (mine... )
7. My Allies try and succeed in saving my ass from some Azjol' Nerub traitors (I'm the only real Nerubian in this game, ok?)

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