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Originally Posted by Spec
Well, cut-off definitely was not good idea.
But I think that most people have decent video cards and decent texture mipmap level settings.
Most < All

Originally Posted by Spec
Also, I have to make mipmapping algorithm and add some settings (such as # of mipmaps, quality for jpegs, palette size for paletted) for each border type.
Again bad idea. Noone really wants to save 1KB per icon if it will cost him a percent of players, simply make all mipmaps.
Pallete size is not going to save anything (20-100 bytes max), and if you use less than 256 colors it will be bad for image quality.

Originally Posted by Spec
Hmm, if I'll have enough time, the blp unit will be presented as DLL, not as part of a program, because other cohaders I know, they will use it. =)
I know where to find that jpeg library, the only problem is that it is not java.
I am not going to make my code windows dependant.

You probably want to check this link regarding the mimpaps:
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