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Approved Map: Zombie Island: The Curse of the Lost City

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Default (1) Zombie Island: The Curse of the Lost City

James Hammerfist shipwrecked on an uncharted island. After a little exploration he'll find that something is terribly wrong with it...


The inspiration for this map have been the classic old-school survival horrors, namely Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil series. I've tried hard to make it as close to those as possible. As long as I know, this may be the first map of its kind. It's also so far the only non-cinematic map made by myself.

A sequel has been in production for over a year and it will come out "when it's done". I just hope that this phrase doesn't bring bad luck.

Main fetures:

Scary atmosphere
Fixed camera angles.
Limited saves
Books and diaries uncovering the history of the island
Unique enemies requiring different approach
Many short cinematic sequences, fully skipable
Three difficulty settings.

This map is quite old, it's hosted on the Dwarf Campaign Website, has been posted on Maps'n'Mods for years and so I've already got a lot of feedback. Therefore I can address some of the more frequently discussed issues here:

Music - I've decided to keep the game silent, to give more weight to the ambient sounds.
Difficulty - it may be a good idea to start with "Easy" option. Some people complained about difficulty, so I added the 3 different settings.
Orientation - some survival horrors are sometimes confusing due to the changing cameras. It's a bit worse in this map because of the RTS controls - if you click just when the camera's changed, you may run in a completely different direction than you wanted to.
Gunpowder attack - it is a bit strange, but it's needed to maintain gameplay => shortening amount of ammo.
Inventory - some people complained that the inventory is too small. Well, that's the point. You have to decide which items to bring along.


Click image for larger version

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Zombie Island - The Curse of the Lost City - R2.w3x

I think that's about everything.

Enjoy your stay on the Zombie Island!
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