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as for the vampire: he can only revive ONCE per game. and its his level 3 ability (lvl3 is max so u can hardly have been 2 levels higher ^^) and after the fight he ressurects in he is cut down to 1% hp and 0% mana. the fact that he starts with the lowest maxhp balances this i think. just dont let him level ^^

aznereth costs 10 more soulpoints each time u summon him again. in addition u have to remember that he requires a sacrifice to appear. also he can hardly be healed on the soulfields. the main idea behind the black horde in total is that they have weak units but a strong king and a strong soulpower (aznereth).

thx for feedback, i understand ur complainings but i've also came across a lot of ppl saying that alucard (the raising vampire) is too weak and that the black horde is too weak. so i can only follow my own experiences which say its balanced as it is. remember that you cannot compare single unit types of different races, its about how the race acts in total: e.g. blood orcs have strong units but no field attacks at all.

sry i forgot to put (4) in the topic title :X
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