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Well, either way, I did not realize the amount of time you could save by avoiding blizzards math functions :P. It seems like every single math function (Atan, Atan2, Square, Pow, Cos, Sin, Tan, Cot (Might not have tan/cot)) in addition *timesaving* things like locations cause leaks, so its really best to stick with the absolute basics in jass anyways... Atleast, if you're gunning for speed.

And, reals/floats/doubles/extendeds/w/e you want to call them, they're never & never will be 100% accurate. 1/3 = .3333333333333333333333333333333 ect, but you cant hold the whole value of it, you're going to end up losing some accuracy. If you have something that can hold 8k digits, you probably wont notice it. But, blizzard decided to use... 3-4. I will never get why they did that, you end up losing a lot of precision.
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