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It can't respond to a chat event cause a cheat isn't condiered a chat message.

It has to be faster then every 1 second also to work right.

Or - Any (Conditions) are true
Collapse Conditions
(Fog of war is enabled) Equal to False
(Black mask is enabled) Equal to False

Add that condition to the first one.

Anti GoldCheat
Collapse Events
Time - Every 0.05 seconds of game time
Collapse Actions
-------- PlayersPlaying is a Variable that keeps track of players currently playing, by adding at start, and removing when they leave. --------
Collapse Player Group - Pick every player in PlayersPlaying and do (Actions)
Collapse Loop - Actions
Set GoldCurrent[Player Number of (Plicked Player)] = ((Picked player) Current gold)
Collapse If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
Collapse If - Conditions
GoldCurrent[Player Number of (Plicked Player)] - GoldBefore[Player Number of (Plicked Player)] Greater than 500(Or the lowest impossible amount gained in 0.05secs)
Collapse Then - Actions
Player - Set (Picked player) Current gold to GoldBefore[Player Number of (Plicked Player)]
Collapse Else - Actions
Set GoldBefore[Player Number of (Plicked Player)] = ((Picked player) Current gold)
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