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Hero Contest #3 - 2nd Place

Default CS16.0 [For wc3 1.23b or later]

The caster system is a pack of functions, a model and a unit that simplify many aspects of making maps, but specially spells.

Click image for larger version

Name:	castersystem139.jpg
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Size:	193.8 KB
ID:	12826 Features
- Casting functions: Cast abilities whenever you want, in the way you want by just using a function (mass AOE / group casting possible)
- Damage over time functions : Create 'flames' that do periodic damage or add damage over time with just a function.
- Damage Options : You can easily choose what units to affect and how to affect them.
- CSCache : Must have storage system includes Attacheable Variables, Pools, Tables, Dynamic arrays, location exploiting and CSDatas.
- Projectiles : Create projectile effects with curve movement, you can also use them to do damage or other things.
- CollisionMissiles : Object oriented method for making missiles that can detect collisions with units.
- Special Events: Easier and faster way of setting common events like spell effect / learn / cast
- A way to hide items without all the issues the native SetItemVisible arises.
- Utility functions: calculations with angles, detect if a point is above water , Show an interface error , rotate models and more.

Version History:
* Changed some return bug giberish into better things.

* As it was deprecated in the past, it has now been removed completely
since it will not work in 1.23b+ and is not trivial to port it.

* Removed return bug usage, it now uses a hashtable instead of a big vJass array.

* Still works, not recommended though, I suggest not using this library
unless there are compatibility reasons.


TimerUtils included in the map updated for the post 1.23b world.
Uses a hacked GroupUtils so that H2I is replaced with GetHandleId, this is
not an official version, I recommend you to update from the official
thread if you wish to implement the caster system...

Demo map:
* Is compatible and playable in wc3 1.23b or later.
Version 15.3:
- TimerUtils and GroupUtils are in use

- Uses TimerUtils instead of CSSafety
- Now Damagers use their damage options argument correctly.

- This library is not used anymore by caster system, but a dummy one
has been included for compatibility with old stuff that might explicitely
require this library.

- Documentation now includes an explanation of what the older module,
CSCache is and why you shouldn't use its functions as well as a recommendation
not to use CSSafeCache.
- NewGroup actually works.
- ReleaseGroup is able to correctly recognize when the group stack is full.

- CSSafety bug fix should have fixed issues with many of the CS functions, confirmed: DamageUnitsInAOEEx

Demo map:
- Queltallas revenge now uses the correct damage options variable.
- It actually works.
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Someone should fix .wav sound in this thing.
Zoom (requires log in)JassHelper 0.A.2.A
Turns your simple code into something that is complicated enough to work.
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