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I am looking for the true fans of resident evil, not this NOTD rip off wc3 style of it. I am planning a more resident evil based map, where you find keys, look for puzzles, and seem to run out of ammo right when that hunter is bounding down the hallway. (DOH). So what i need are a few models, that i am sure would be great for any other res evil fans including-

1. Hunter : Lizard men from all resident evils, if you dont know what these are, you shouldnt even be considering helping me model this.

2. S.T.A.R.S. Operative : Would be the main character. Needs two forms of the model, handgun (Pistol, Magnum, Blah) Attack, and shotgun style attack, (Held at waste, used for shotguns, grenade launchers, and all that good stuff). If you could include the gun in the model that would rock.

3. New Zombie : Not really needed, would just be a nice addition to the map (WC3 Zombies kinda gooney.)

4. Bosses : Any boss you can come up with, I dont care, just be creative. (Has to be Res Evil BOW of course)
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