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Race-Building Contest #1 Winner


This system does not require Jass New Gen Pack; it requires Jasshelper to compile vJass into Jass, and Jasshelper is conveniently bundled with JNGP.

The purpose of my system is to emulate standard melee with the addition of custom races, with race selection mediated by the player's race and handicap settings, implemented using appropriately modified versions of Blizzard's melee set up functions in blizzard.j.

Your system differs in how a custom race is selected and likely how effectively you emulate standard melee mechanics. Not only is my code more efficient than anything you could implement in GUI, it is more modular and more easily modified, and is almost certainly more accurate in its emulation of standard melee.

There is no competition. You've created an inferior product because you choose not to utilize the system I have developed, as is well your right, but do not pretend as though there are points to compare, scores to tally, and judgments to be made on the relative merits of two equally valuable products; there isn't.
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