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Default Winterspirits Terrain for troll wars(in developement)

So i'm working on a map called troll wars atm its the elven war with the trolls just after aquiring the aid of the arathi in exchange for teaching them the simplicities of magic

at any rate these pictures are in order and were only done around 10 hours ago from the post time,

i'd be nice to receive suggestions, or complaints:D, as i'm aware the exterior of silvermoon isn't well done it wasn't even touched i merely added a little to make a screenshot, the inside of the city may be overly done in my opinion i was trying to make a magic leaking theme,

p.s i'l be updating these pictures daily (thank god i've reduced the quality of these , 2400x1200 is like 1.2mb a jpeg

Is it just me or does the post box go all the way down to the bottem of the page ?
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