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The terrain is about on par with some of the other Lordaeron based strategy maps. The genre has a hard time with terrain because the maps usually have a lot of units on them and they units need room to move around. Avrion did a very nice job when terraining Legends of the Second War, if you've ever played it, because the terrain looks nice, while not using that many doodads to keep the filesize and lag down a bit and he's working on doing the same for AW:LR.

Your city layout is pretty good, considering the genre. Work more on the empty spaces outside the city in the first screenshot and the area around the summoning circle. Try making small hills, and by small I mean low in elevation. Try the biggest or second biggest terrain brush and choose the "Raise ground" tool (or whatever it's called) and just try two clicks in some areas to give a bit more interest when you take the zoomed in shots.

I like the cannon mounted on Alterac there. That's pretty creative.
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