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Originally Posted by Vexorian
Doesn't objectmerger have sourcecode or something?
99% sure it does. 100% sure I can't find it anywhere I know to look. 80% sure if I could find it, I would be too shite at whatever language it's in to update it.

Originally Posted by Vexorian
You know I could tweak externalblock to make its contents go to a file or something like that...
That would be hard, as you have to pass the file to the externalblock's argument list...

//! externalblock <filename_to_write> <external_tool> <args>
supplying a path should break. only simple filenames should be allowed to prevent shit like "C:\windows\SOME_IMPORTANT_FILE.dll" as a file...

Don't auto-delete the files, but do auto-overwrite em. mayhaps just pass the filename as an absolute path as an additional argument to the external tool. or add $PREPROCESS$ stuff to external line, but that would just be baddd...

Also, keep the current behaviour with:
//! externalblock stdin <external_tool> <args>
Originally Posted by Vexorian
You could always make a bridge program that converts stdin to a file to feed objectmerger with.
The point of externalblock is to make configuration as simple as possible. That kinda defeats that purpose... Unless I get Mindy to add it to NewGen. Of course, Mindy is lazy these days...
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