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I'm not really sure how this tool works, but I have an idea of what it does and you did say this:
Originally Posted by midiway
I managed to found 4 new exciting UI over the forum and other maps and have just added to the program, so download and try it.

Anyone who find any problem in using those interface without permission, at least the interface can now be used by anyone, not only while playing the map/campaign where it is used, but anytime you want.

I've got permission from RightField to use the interface he made for The Tales of Raviganion project. Well I doubt that someone would not like to have your work showed with an easy way to in install and enjoy it ingame.

I extracted the Rotd UI from the campaing found at Hive site, is it the same place where you've got your?
Using and redistributing other people's work without their permission (especially by extracting stuff from protected maps) is not something we support here at Wc3c.

You need to remove all of the UI files (and anything else) that you've used/distributed without permission from this program/package immediately. You've got 48 hours to do so before I or someone else graveyards this thread.
Originally posted by Rising_Dusk
Your spells are mostly ignored because they are not very cool so we aren't very excited to review/approve them, but you are incredibly persistent and won't give us an excuse to graveyard it. That is generally what results in a resource being ignored for a long time.

The Spell Request Thread Done for, unless someone else wants to revive it...
It lasted a damn long time.

Please; Ask for Help Appropriately

Originally posted by Kyrbi0
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