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Finally a word to these very bad criticisms calling this "trash": this is a warcraft cinematic, not a hollywood production and since has closed you seem to have forgotten what real beginner's work looks like!

I know it is cinematic, but if I want see a battle like this I can go 1v1 Ork mirror and see (orc attack move rase :) ) And about that hollywood, they made lots of films with worse scenes like here so u arent worst , its not TOTAL trash, but for that great projects it is.

and for that wc3sear-maybe i forget begginers work but this map bringed my memory back. And if not, i can still watch my own work (couse i am not so good map maker, at least, two or three years ago, when I did my last map)

Anyways, obviously this trailer isnt supposed to be like ship wrecked xD it was something we got bob to do in a month, because people wouldnt stop bothering us in the forums. Mostly to show we're still alive and to get people interested in UL.
this is only my opinion but dont make in haste, and if u must, make something with less of time, i can imagine this in maybe 1 or two minutes (films trailer are usualy that quick). And i dont want to bother u, but my two friends told me their opinion about bob27 other cinematic, that they are worse than this, and i think they have a taste for maps and I have no reason to dont believe them.
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