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Originally Posted by Daxtreme
Karawasa, I was fooling around on yesterday and I saw Element TD 3.0...

So I joined in and was like : cool he really released it yet ?

But it was written :


Lloyd presents...
Element TD Survivor 3.0


Thanks to : *A bunch of nowhere names*

What the heck ?

How did this guy obtain the unprotecte version of 2.5 ?

Anyways it's exactly the same as 2.5 and he doesn't give credits to mrchak.


EDIT : Is your BETA6 version above protected ?

No it is not. 2.5 was not Mrchaks work. 2.0 was Mrchaks last official version, and it was unprotected. As for Beta6, it is unprotected but widgetized. Mrchak asked that I keep the Betas opensource.

When the actual non-beta 3.0 comes out, it will be protected of course, till then...

As for Llyod, script kiddies suck. But his map won't go anywhere.

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