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First of all:
Thanks for replying! Alevice and Tim. , thx!
I already thought that you all know about the results of these tests and my final result, that you all know how this is possible...

In the following I will write down what you have to do in a tutorial-style.
Although I have a german editor, I will try to translate as good as possible (only that you know that text in quotation marks need not be exactly what you have in your "Game-Interface ..." and therefor I will also write down the "raw-data", so that it should be clear).

"Tooltip-Window": TTW
"Raw-Data": (RD: "...")
Data-Fields: "..."
Before we start, there are 2 things you have to take notice of (Yes, sadly there is always a catch)
There are 2 requirements you have to keep:
(otherwise your title will change to some used text in the TTW and the rows can become more or less, so that the whole TTWs size can change)
(if you don't use this, then you can not cover the " 100%")
These are the conditions for this method, but I think they are handle for most situations.

So, here we go:

1) Open "Advanced" from the task and click on "Gameplay-Constants ..."
2) Check the "Use own Gameplay-Constants" if you already haven't, for being able to change values here
3) Scroll down to "Costs - Food-Levels" (RD: "UpkeepUsage") and change the content to 9 integervalues (for standard there are 10, so remove 1) and give them the numbers from 1 to 9, click OK
4) Go 1 row deeper to "Costs - Goldtax" (RD: "UpkeepGoldTax") and set all its 10 integervalues to 0, click OK

- We are finished here now, click OK - Yay, first part is done! -

5) Next go to task to "Advanced" and there to "Game-Interface ..."
6) Check the "Use own Game-Interface" if you already haven't, for being able to change values here
7) Scroll down to "Text - General - 'Gold-Incomerate:'" (RD: "COLON_GOLD_INCOME_RATE") and set it to for example 15 Spaces if you want to cover the " 100%" through a Countdown-Timer, click OK
(The " 100%" is proberly hardcoded and it is always attached directly next to the contents of this field)
8) Scroll further down to "Text - General - '|N%d-%d Food: %s|R (%d%% G, %d%% H)'" (RD: "RESOURCE_UBERTIP_UPKEEP_INFO_WOOD") and set it to an empty slot (" "), click OK

- Now there comes the actual trick! -

9) Move 1 row up to "Text - General - '|N%d-%d Food: %s|R (%d%% Income)'" (RD: "RESOURCE_UBERTIP_UPKEEP_INFO") and set it to this:
"|n|cff0000%d%d|r%s" ;What this line actually do is:
"|n" for beginning with all textgroups in the next line! (if this is not used, then it can happen that the TTW is not tall enough to cover the " 100%")
"|cff0000%d%d" for using the minFood and maxFood as a part of a colorcode and immediately reset this color to the normal standard colorcode with "|r"
(That's the reason why we only used integer values from 1 to 9 in the "Gameplay-Constants", you remember?)
"%s" for the textgroups we want to use in the TTW

- And now finally the title and text contents of the TTW -

10) Next, for creating a custom title go a few lines upwards to "Text - General - '|Cffff0000High Costs 8'" (RD: "UPKEEP_HIGH8") and write your title text here (Note that this text will appear on the screen in the upper right in the upkeep-field and in the TTW on the top)
11) Use following data-fields for your textgroups:
(Listed in descending order as the text will appear in the TTW in game; you can also compare with the image from post 6):
Row1: "Text - General - '|Cff00ff00No Costs'" (RD: "UPKEEP_NONE")
Row2: "Text - General - '|Cffffff00Low Costs'" (RD: "UPKEEP_LOW")
Row3: "Text - General - '|Cffff0000High Costs'" (RD: "UPKEEP_HIGH")
Row4: "Text - General - '|Cffff0000High Costs 2'" (RD: "UPKEEP_HIGH2")
Row5: "Text - General - '|Cffff0000High Costs 3'" (RD: "UPKEEP_HIGH3")
Row6: "Text - General - '|Cffff0000High Costs 4'" (RD: "UPKEEP_HIGH4")
Row7: "Text - General - '|Cffff0000High Costs 5'" (RD: "UPKEEP_HIGH5")
Row8: "Text - General - '|Cffff0000High Costs 6'" (RD: "UPKEEP_HIGH6")
Row9: "Text - General - '|Cffff0000High Costs 7'" (RD: "UPKEEP_HIGH7")

Wew, you are finished now! (and I'm 2 )
It is a bit of work, I know, but till now I have seen not 1 map which had any solution for this upkeep TTW!
Now enjoy your new possibilities in showing important text to players who just have to move over the upkeep-field!

If you use this, you can add me to your credits, but as I said, you don't must credit me.

The truth is that, what functions!
Cya guys, MasterofSickness
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