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The ! idea is actually much more useful. Average doesn't really tell if a whelp is low on life when you have 2+, but if this is implemented the player will know when to use a heal or two for their whelps.

Entertainment-wise, it was okay. I'm pretty sure it would be much more fun if I tried it fully a second time (because of a stupid personal mouse issue), but later on in the game it was getting repetitive. It was great to get new items and loot, but there were just so many gyrocopters and not being able to 100% 1-hit all of them were pretty annoying. However, since this is part of the challenge, I'm pretty sure it's fine if it stays as such. I'm not sure how to improve it by too much since it does get a little repetitive though.

Haven't read the help documentation yet so I can't critique on that yet.
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