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1.) Okay, I'll gladly update to include the requirements in the code's comments and link to them in the first post.

2.) I designed it to look for random units, but now that you've mentioned it I believe bouncing to the nearest target would be better.

3.) I use units so that I can just apply timed life to them, and effects would be a hassle since I'd have to create an array of them and check if their lifetime is up and destroy them, etc,.

4.) ..Hm? I don't seem to follow, I haven't taken up the higher levels of math and this is only formula I know to get the distance between two coordinates. Can you rewrite it for me instead? Thanks.

5.) The size of the "projectiles" are scalable. You just need to modify it in Object Editor, it's the roots dummy unit.

6.) Okay, I shall conform.

7.) Oops, forgot to clean that up. Thanks for reminding me, I will fix it.

An update will be ready ASAP.
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