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@Dusk - was going to do that, but ended up adding a condition function, dont remember why
*now i remember - did not feeling like having to declare all my locals, then check if single player, then set them all up, that was it

@Vex - I based it on yours because it worked like I wanted this one to, minus the multi-player-selecting 1 unit part
I dont really see how it is "messy", or needs all this "cleanup"
I do disable the trigger, if it is a huge performance gain by using a timer as opposed to disabling and enabling the trigger, I would change it, but as it is now, i cant really justify doing so

@Soki - this really is not much different then Vexs (the approach is exactly the same), other then the fact that I think its cleaner, more optimized, and allows multiple players to select and view the same hero (which is why the install/setup requires an extra step)
then down part is you do not get the selection arrow when viewing a hero, but then that is a product of the system
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