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Approved Map: Pitzer's Minesweeper

Default Update

This is a critical update that fixes possible problems with abilities that have more than 4 levels and a few special abilities like Command Aura.
It may also improve loading time further if you have spells with many levels.

  • Level 4 data is not put into the SLK anymore because that might screw up higher levels of the ability
    This is because the level 4 columns in the SLK represent the default values for higher levels
  • However if the ability has no more than 4 levels, level 4 can and will be put into the SLK
  • Found a list of abilities that cannot be put into the SLK because they would get broken
    Such abilities now stay in the w3a file as a whole (the most important is Command Aura)
  • Made it so that all levels of profile data are externalized to the TXT file
    This means that CustomKeys.txt files can be used to completely translate maps
    However it also means that " characters are replaced with single quotes in strings
  • Fixed a problem where profile data of base abilities had a chance to get lost
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