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gonna do a final test for 1.18 today. if everything turns out well ill release it right away :)
-as for that vacuum grenade issue, it should be fixed now... i cant promise it though.
-same goes for the players-leaves-during-soulpower. im quite sure the game will resume now, but it might bug up in rare cases...
-the tears of zabaoth 'issue' is known and wanted :P
-i removed all music commands as they tended to be quite annoying (players kept quarreling)
-i rearranged the interrior soul fields on the alternate board :)
i didnt follow your suggestion to let units fight together... would require countless rebalancings and adjustments. and probably tons of new bugs.
however, one of the new features will increase tactics a bit. ofc it will never be as demanding as real chess though.

changelog will be posted at release.
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