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Approved Map: Soulchess

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-Soul Powerup should be removed (damages yourself and players, pointless and annoying, also annoying have to watch the same thing over and over).
1. its called Soulpower
2. the one u pointed out is the one for the goblin swarm: each race has its own power
3. your king sufferes only a small percentage of that damage. this way you can instantly win the game after collecting enough souls (its no use to spam the soulpower again and again: pile your souls and strike ONCE)
4. you get an additional turn: after weakening the enemy you can finish him off by attacking with your own king who received less damage
5. if you dont like the animation: try -fs mode

-With souls you should be able to buy more units to put on the field by clickin on your main unit by making the menu coming up. Then clickin on "Buy Unit" and with the souls you could purchase units.
thats an interesting idea but i dont think it suits very well for a chess theme.

-More maps to fight on, instead of just black and white board.
there IS a secondairy board. use -ab. but you might be right as for the tilesets i used. i promise you to use other ground tilesets as soon as i make a 3rd board.

-Show the levels of your units.
they are shown all the time, except on tornado. spirit link = lvl2, howl = lvl3.

-Make units have levels Capped to level 5 and abilites are not every level.
so far, the only advantage besides the new abilities is improved hp&mana regeneration. i think its already rare enough to get lvl3 units, don't u think its a bit much of wasted effort if you have to win 4 battles with the SAME unit to unlock a level5 ability?
if you like never-ending profit when winning a battle: try the green death race. their king starts very weak but increases his own maximum hitpoints each time he wins a battle.

-Recheck units and fix up some balancement.
yes, thats a never ending process. but it would be useful if you'd came up with some suggestions. people keep giving me contrairy feedback about balance.

-BIGGER area.
i actually dont understand this. do u mean larger arenas? if you want a larger board to play on, try the second one (-ab mode)
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