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Default Cinema Workshop

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This is a compilation of vJass libraries intended to replace the old Cinematic System, which is over five years old already. This compilation itself has been in the making for two years now and represents a major leap forward in terms of speed, functionality and user-friendliness.

Like its predecessor, Cinema Workshop consists of three main components:
  • Transition - A library that facilitates gradual changes of various properties such as unit position.
    Additional modules:

    • UnitTransition

    • UnitColorTransition
    • UnitScaleTransition
    • UnitFacingTransition
    • UnitPositionTransition
    • UnitWalk
    • TerrainFog

  • CineCam - A library that takes command of the game camera and gives the user more control over it.

  • CineScript - The core of the system, a powerful library for composing and playing sequences of events.
    Additional modules:

    • UnitAnimationCineScript
    • UnitTransitionCineScript
    • EnvironmentCineScript
    • UtilityCineScript
    • EffectCineScript
    • SoundCineScript
    • CameraCineScript
    • SubtitleCineScript

The new design is completely modular, each component can be used independently from the other two. Transition and CineScript each come with a collection of extensions that can be included in your map as needed. When used for their primary purpose of making cinematics, the three otherwise independent components achieve a strong synergy. The demo map includes both a sample cinematic that uses the entire CinemaWorkshop as well as a sample code for a triggered spell that only uses CineScript.

Expand Transition library:
Expand CineCam library:
Expand CineScript library:
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