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Hi, i m quiet new to playing wc3 melee and since i m always interested in pitting some bots against eachother i immediatly created an ai using the worldeditor. (it actually is quiet ok, crushes the standart ai most of the time - at least on the test map echo isles) But now i found your nice tool and want to use it for an even better version. General Questions: 1. ) I use patch 1.22, how can i pit amai vs usual or my own worldeditor created ai ? And how can i pit my amai version against other amai versions ? 2.) Can i use the worldeditors ai test system ? It is much nicer than setting up tests than usual lan-games since i can set the speed to 4 times as fast or faster if i want to check on lategamebehavior. 3.) Can i force a strategy change at a specific tech level ? Like i build a standart tier 1 and as soon as tier 2 is completed the ai chooses what way to go. Else i have to build for every tier 1 / 2 strategy also the higher tiers which shouldnt be used anyway. 4.) I dont need it right now, but out of curiosity: How do i add additional races to amai so that can create my own naga race for example and give it some strategies to pit it against the other races. (for early balance tests eg) And finally i have bug report, it happend during a game of amai 2.54b Orc(RomuLus) vs Human (Xenon) on BootyBay. The orc went blademaster first and started to harrass the humans goldworker while the human went out to get his fastexe. Now the human didnt do anything except calling one militia at a time to attack the blademaster (the main army was on the way to the creepspot of the exe) and the blader killed killed more than 10 worker before the human walked back. In my opinion the human should have either cancel his attempt to fast expand and tp home or creep the mine and tp afterwards. During creeping he should call more militia / run away with attacked workers. Also a really early arcane tower close to the mine would have helped. (he build an arcane tower but on the boarder of his city, dont know if you can adjust the building placement) Anyway after creeping he really had to tp ... Well thats it for now, hope your still active and read (and answer) this, Leartes EDIT: One additional question, is it possible for a certain profile to start with a specific strategy ? And can i force a profil to only use some strategies ? Like when you want the players to have really strong characteristics . For example you create two orc profiles, one will concentrate on brute force and build lots of Grunts early. Maybe try to rush or creep alot and later add raider, kodos, katas maybe spirit walker (depending on what is needed) but doesnt like to build many ranged units. And another orc profil tends to fasttech more likely and doesnt pick an aggressiv tier 1 strategy. So you have several possible strategies for a single profil but you dont pick any that dont fit the character at all. This way the two profiles can pick strategies that fit best to them in terms of styl and aggression etc.

1,2) First import,,,, from TFT AMAI (available in DE or PE editions) into your map with warcrafts map editor and change there directory so they are in the "Scripts/" directory and not the "war3mapimported/" directory. Now i assume the test AI feature you set one computer to be your custom AI, while any others you leave on standard ai. I havn't ever tested this myself but it should work. Pitting AMAI against other AMAI versions though is very difficult and likely impossible at present and would require heavy modification of the core of AMAI to get working.

3) You cannot force strategies to be re-evaluated as impossible by AMAI but you can force the strategy to particular one using "set strategy = 4" but you will need to work out which number corresponds to which strategy. If orcs have 3 different strategies then they will be numbered from 0-2 etc. The only way to know the numbers is if you have compiled (not optimized) scripts with the DE edition. Then at the top of each, etc is a list of strategies numbers like follows.

constant integer STRAT_AoWMix = 0
constant integer STRAT_DryadChim = 1
constant integer STRAT_Talon = 2
constant integer STRAT_DotC = 3
constant integer STRAT_Druids = 4
constant integer STRAT_Hippo = 5
constant integer STRAT_MGDryads = 6
constant integer STRAT_Ballista = 7
constant integer STRAT_Archer = 8
constant integer STRAT_MassHuntress = 9
constant integer STRAT_MassHD = 10
constant integer STRAT_NormalElf = 11
constant integer STRAT_DynamicTest = 12
constant integer STRAT_NEAntiTower = 13
constant integer STRAT_HippoChim = 14
constant integer STRAT_AoLMix = 15

4) Is very difficult advanced stuff (unless you are replacing a current race with naga) to implement but you need to add them to the TXT/races.txt of the DE edition. Fill that in then copy one of the other races folder paste and name that NAGA or whatever you called it in the races.txt. In the standardunits.txt all the units of naga to be used need to be filled in so AMAI can use naga units. Now you can choose NAGA in the strategy editor and work from there on strategies and settings. You will have to manually add the complied script to your map and then use triggers to use the AI as obviously you can't choose NAGA at the game menu.

The bug reports are noted.

You cannot start a specific profile with specific strategies. Well again not without coding it in directly into AMAI's core code which would not be quick to do.
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