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I'm reading this, and I believe in some things, while others, I don't really.

I understand what you mean. Although, your English teacher probably wasn't too keen on having their students discover their own voice and style. It is about being concise, yet descriptive. It's also about being modest, and grand. I was constantly told that it's about who you're trying to appeal to. Well... that's the problem, right there. There's nothing in existence that appeals to everyone, or everything for that matter. Some people... just don't agree, no matter how much you try to convince them. I like how Kyrbi0 wrote in his example, Hunter of Shadows things that this is all a waste of time, and you and BBDino think that Kyrbi0 needs to lighten the load.

This is how I think of it: Let's say you were writing for something that is comedic. You can't make it all laughs, because- eventually, you'll get tired of laughing. That's kind of how it is for writing. You can't do too much of something, otherwise it loses the value it's supposed to give. It goes for simplicity and complexity.

I understand how you feel about being concise, but I can't agree with how you squeezed Kyrbi0's example paragraph like that. I know that what you did was for pure example, while trying to keep as much as possible... but considering that The Dark One called it butchering- I couldn't help but notice the euphemism used here. I have to agree with The Dark One though: You can offer suggestions and such, but please don't completely edit something without the author's permission. Kyrbi0 gave out the example as what it was: an example. Nothing more.

The reason why I'm saying that is because I personally wouldn't be too happy if someone took something I wrote and re-wrote it without ever telling me about the intention of doing so. You did do it and posted it here- which is good, but if in the event that someone didn't know any better, they could've mistaken yours as the original version while calling Kyrib0 a plagiarist- the ultimate disgrace to a writer. I did it once, eight years ago. Never want to do it again. Lucky for me, eight years ago was 5th grade.

@The Dark One
I'm one of the ones that underestimates literature writing, haha. I'll be completely honest: I've never read Romeo and Juliet. Neither did I read Huckleberry Finn, or Tom Sawyer. Mark Twain doesn't really appeal to me. I don't fully understand Ayn Rand, either. I think the point is, is that I just... never "got it". Some people I know- when they read, they understand everything. When I read books from the authors from above, I stand here after reading a paragraph and go, "Huh?". This happened when I was reading the story excerpts from the Warcraft III manual, too. Maybe I just don't like reading.

I know that when Hunter of Shadows and Plasma Dragon say, "You don't read all of the way, do you?" or, "You didn't read it word for word, did you?" Yeah, I don't read all of it. But- hey, I still read about 80% of it. That counts, doesn't it? X_X

@Hunter of Shadows
Hunter, don't feel bad about being blunt. At least you're aware of it. And besides, sometimes you just need to get a slap on the cheek.

@Rao Dao Zao
I know what you're talking about. Pillows that are too fluffy are good for your head, but become painful for your back.

I think that the mechanically chugging bonus words isn't the way to go. It's doesn't sound like you, anymore. I won't complain, if that's how your writing style develops, but I want to hear you, not someone else, not something else.

@Tide-Arc Ephemera
As much as you don't think of it, there are people who have jobs that do just that. When you have to think, "Oh, passage X means ya-de-ya-da". Not a great job, I think. But, you never know. Some people just love that stuff.

As for how many people have written useful imaginative texts- I wouldn't know.

Finally... @Kyrbi0
Yeah... I wasn't expecting this, either.


In my ventures with writing- all of the ups and downs included, I think it's about two things:
- Communicating through a means other than actually speaking.
- Finding your written voice.

Some people seem to forget that reason #2 is the most important. Believe me, if you were to talk to me in the face, I don't speak like I do write. Some people tell me that I become a different person when I start writing. Ha, it's not anything like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (which I also didn't read X_X), but writing is just a more comfortable medium for me.
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