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"The Dark One", please stop preaching like you're the lord of all writing. Warcraft is not "epic". The Odyssey is epic. Greek literature is epic. You CAN be too descriptive when describing a someone, or somewhere, because then it drags on forever, gets boring, and looks really bad.

BBDino did not "butcher" what Kyrbi wrote. He shortened it and made it far more concise, while still conveying the same image and message with less fluff. There's a HUGE difference between good and bad fancy writing. For your information, I have nothing against "fancy" writing, but what you're describing isn't "fancy". It's fluffy. Fancy is using sophisticated words, and well. Not lots of "sophisticated" words all over the damn place when shorter words hold the same impact.
BBDino, as for your attempt for rewriting Kyrbio's example, that is an advertisement for a horror them park, all power of the text has been " siphoned away", while He described a hellish realm. So stop trimming (butchering) other peoples work.
They both describe the same place and convey the same message. You seem to have it in your head that more words == more sophisticated, when really it's not.

going straight to the point is the way of a machine without any artistic feel.
Wrong. It's called "making sense". Writing would be boring if it were straight to the point, yes, but inserting 5 paragraphs of description where only 1 is necessary does NOT make it more "artistic".
The Spell Request Thread
Originally Posted by Joe-Black-5
a dota like map but with unique stuff
(There was no map attached, and that was all the thread said.)
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