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You guys really underestimate literature writing, what you said has truth to it, however, the reason of implanting adjectives and adverbs is to increase the power of the text. Unlike painting where image speak for themselves writers most increase the length and complexity of their work to increase the impact of the text, if you still can't understand try to read something for Charles Dickens and then read something for Gabriel Garsia Markes and you'll see the difference.

BBDino, as for your attempt for rewriting Kyrbio's example, that is an advertisement for a horror them park, all power of the text has been " siphoned away", while He described a hellish realm. So stop trimming (butchering) other peoples work.

Tide-Arc, thy teach you literature not casual writing, going straight to the point is the way of a machine without any artistic feel.

darkwolfv, I don't know what you have against fancy writing, Warcraft is an epic game and all writings related to it should hold the same level of power or it'll look out of place. It's, however, true that balance most be considered to insure that the idea reaches all minds, even those who aren’t very versed in long rarely used English words, but you can't be too descriptive when describing a place or the appearance of a character, chick the RPG form to see what I'm talking about.

Karbio, I've sent you a sample of my work, try to rewrite it your way and PM me the result.
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