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Approved Map: Dodge The Wisp Wheels

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After trying Uther Party 2 the first time I was, like Yuffie, very dissapointed with it. I actually ended up quitting ahead of time because half the games didn't make any sense for a first-time player and so I ended up dying/losing over and over again almost instantly.

I then decided to give it a second (and after a finished game, a third) try, but still wasn't too happy with how the game worked or the different minigames you could play.

  • Very profesional look and feeling. It shows that you know what you're doing. Production wise this is of high quality.
  • Nice intro cinematic. Uther kicking ass once again.
  • Semi-entertaining, varies a lot from game to game. It has potential.

  • Not very "noob friendly". The game starts and you get 4-5 words of instruction which makes absolutely no sense most of the time. An example of this is the "follow the rhythm" game. I thought there was actually a rhythm to follow, but then near the end I found out that it was basically just about spamming Z as fast as you could, by then I was behind by 50 or so. Only people who already knew the map had any idea what to do.
  • Boring gameplay most of the time. Most of the games felt slow and boring. Such as the archer game. It may not have lasted that long but it felt like an eternity.
  • No mercy. If you slipped just the least bit you had lost. Like in the game where you had to follow around the mother lizard. It would be nice if you had abilities to use so you don't just 100% rely on walking around guessing where she is turning to next.
  • Too few games. It needs a greater amount of games to play, more variety too.
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