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The teamgame seemed to be bugged. When I chose it, I think some players got wrong allegiance so they didn't attack the other team. Or maybe stuck. I didn't suffer from this but it ended up in 3 players leaving cuz they said it was bugged, so I don't know what's the bug since they didn't care to explain but yelled BUGGED and left.

I don't see the purpose with target practice with firing multiple times. I think it should end immediately when everyone has hit it. I thought i could improve my average, but it seems like my last shot counts. What of best of 5 arrows or something?

Tomb of retinus is weird, the bandits are attack each other constantly. What if you can get a stun skill instead?

Also the mystery box is still boring. What about a third 1 shot ability which is removed when used? (Tripple strike or turn?)
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