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Approved Map: Soulchess

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-improved regeneration values for 'Made of Ægis' (initial green death ability for skeletons) and 'Cursed Flesh' (Guard of Purgatory Level 3)
-restrickted the rename commands to namelengths of 1 to 100 (simply a space as name isnt allowed either)
-changed Slam (Terra Fiend Level 2) to Greater Slam (Terra Fiend Level 2, Aznereth Level 2): this means Seal of the Reaper is an exclusive ability for Guard of Purgatory
-fixed correct removal of the tutorial-leftovers when the alternate board is activated
-added some effects to the green death's soulpower 'unseal'
-fixed a bug which happened with 'unseal' being casted without alucard existing anymore (-te mode)
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