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Approved Map: Soulchess

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yes death_phoenix, but the advantage is quite low. i bet its even lower than the host advantage (no delay) so i cant be bothered splitting the end-of-round parts of the engine.

anyway, i slightly changed the condition for the 'Red Magic' project:
instead of giving all units unique/different lvl1, 2 and 3 abilities, some abilities exist for 2 different units. but thats the maximum.
in other words: Red Magic is complete now. this doesn't mean ill never add new abilities, but i can finally start with the new unit types for v1.20.

1.19 is almost done, a few more test games and ill most likely release it.
-fixed a minor display issue
-added a new soul field to the alternate board which grants 3 instead 2 sp per round
-fixed meditate range (board ability)
-further balancing
-fixed an angelic ascension issue
-fixed camera issues with Alliance Soulpower and Draws in Arena Battles
-rearranged icon positions of: Angelic Annoyance / Fury / Hatred; Burning / Freezing Arrow
-changed seraphie soulpower to cause desync with more than 4 players (observers)
-fixed an issue which moved the board ability circle into the battle arena

new abilities (additional to those i already listed):
LVL 2:
Remorse (Silveredge Warrior, Seraphie)
Divinity (Ashari, Seraphie)
Death Clock (Fusion Wraith, Black Horde)
Seal of the Reaper (Guard of Purgatory, Black Horde; Aznereth, Black Horde Soulpower)

LVL 3:
Sunhelix (Truth Ranger, Seraphie; Light Bringer, Seraphie)

i might add a negative regen per round for aznereth after testing his new lvl2 ability.
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