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Laosh'Ra, I'm a big fan of this map, my friends and I seriously play this on average two times a week.

Just a few issues that (I hope) haven't been posted already, (Did a quikc skim but might've missed something):
-The unit that looks like the Goblin Tinker's spell, Vacuum Grenade, can sometimes be used to put the game to an entire stalemate. What I mean is, if he uses it in an arena with some water, theres a chance the unit gets sucked into the water, unable to move. This only happened to me once though, on the dungeon-looking one.
-Soulpowers that require someone to pick a target will sometimes lock the game if the player that needs to target leaves/disconnects.
-Some issues regarding Tears of Zaboath (Spelling's probably wrong). It can get really cheap if someone's using the Blood Horde, as their Archertype and Meleetype both have the potential to attack much faster than other units in the game. This means their DPS skyrockets with a strong Tears of Zaboath buff on the other units. Also, necromancer's zombies also gain the bonus damage from the Tear's, which really adds a lot of damage.
-Music doesn't work (or at least when my friends and I try it)
-With the second board, the amount of units each person has is really small, which I guess is okay, but some people don't like it =/. But more importantly, with the second board, Archertypes on a Soul Tile can attack the two adjacent tiles, whereas in the first one they'de have to move off first. This means Meleetypes become somewhat obselete (Meleetypes are also obselete for gaining tiles in the first one too). Perhaps repositioning of the tiles would fix this 'issue'.

Anyway, I'm really glad that you decided to work on 1.18 ^.^ Good luck, and I'll be checking frequently :D
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