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Originally Posted by Anitarf
I think Jacek made a good point. I know this is the most basic arena AI possible, and you encourage players to improve upon it... but it would take an enormous ammount of improving to get this thing even remotely close to being able to match human players. Making the heroes fight is easy; heck, the heroes cast the abilities for you, unless you're an unlucky channel fan. Making them act with a strategic purpose is something else entirely.

I know, I'm a perfectionist. But I just don't see the point of making an AI if it can't actually replace a human player.
As Taur said there are endless amounts of scenarios... Paladin healing a unit which is low on hp but unfocused while there is a unit with slightly higher hp which is being focused or maybe using it offensively. Chasing, say, a Mountain King who is low on hp just to get a stormbolt in yer head.

I don't really see the point in spending loads of time on an AI system when you can just play vs people. A simple one might be enough to let the game continue if someone leaves though Nice to see some still have the effort to write tutorials :)
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