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Originally Posted by Fledermaus
I'm surprised noone has mentioned this yet buuuut...

When a unit is Paused or Unpaused it gets issued all un-orders for abilities it has like immolation, defend, etc.
If you don't filter those out of storable orders, when you try to AbortSpell on a unit with one of those abilities, it gets paused and has the un-order ordered (which gets stored and bumps the other ones down) then when it's issued the second last order (from AbortSpell) it will either be an un-order or the the order from the spell that was called the AbortSpell (if it only has 1 ability with an un-order it makes an infinite loop, any more than 1 and it just stops on the spot from the un-order being re-issued). Yay blizzard!
This is a big problem if you have AutoIndex in your map as well.

Hope that makes sense..

i guess this and something like it is why my plans for a few new spell ideas i came up with went awry. both this and the preventorders libraries didn't work for me once i started thoroughly testing the spells.
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