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I don't want a theory, just the true :p
I think you can't recycle them since the unit is killed and his corpse is removed as well.
Could you test it plz ?
That's not a theory, is the way how this system works. DD activates the trigger when the unit is ABOUT to receive damage, not when it's received, and if any spell deals damage, this event will fire and therefore the unit will be treated by the system.

I could test it myself but you would take less time to test because you are the author of the code.
Actually I'm very busy, but anyways I did a test map.

For your needs, it works with finger of Death, you just have to add a trigger to fix the eyecandy part (to see the difference, in the test map, disable the "Finger of Death Eyecandy" trigger and see how it looks, now enable it). The eyecandy fixer code:

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About units being attacked by siege units, you can do something like this:

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