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It was Mindy's idea to release it on April Fools' day, make people think it's a joke while it isn't (well, all except the RickRoll). I'm glad people actually fell for it.

I'm installing WC3 in my VMWare Win7x64 right now, will test it later. Thanks for reporting that.
Well, I can't replicate the crash in VMWare, tried to run it 6 times, no crash.
I'll need some more information. Has this happened before with WC3, worldeditor or JNGP? Have you applied any Win7 updates (especially the one targeting WC3)? Any antivirus/firewall software? Anything else you could have installed or turned on in Windows 7 to increase protection against viruses? Which Win7 edition (Ultimate, Professional, Home...)?

> Are you and MindworX going to create more natives/extend/work on RtC anymore, or are you completely done with the tool?
As I said in the first post, this tool's goal is no longer about custom natives, but rather an API for easily adding more. It is not considered complete, we may add some more features like GetItemInfoStruct which is currently missing or maybe a DirectX hook, we may change it a bit, but point is that natives are not part of RtC.
That said, we will release native packs for this project as time permits. I'm currently working on Jass.NET, native packs are more of Mindy's department so he can give more info on that.
You are free to make native requests. It's difficult to define what's possible and what isn't ATM so let your imagination run wild and assume we can do it.
Want to create your own natives for Jass? Try RtC project's nAPI
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