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- Hero revive times are now 30 seconds at all levels
Woa, this seems like a heavy penalty for low level Heroes & especially new players.
Won't this lead to a level 1 Hero dieing falling terribly behind in experience, gold etc.?

Who says its a penalty?

It merely means that even if your lvl 18 you won't have to wait for forever

and if your good enough isnt that hard to level up, it really isnt, 30 seconds isnt a long wait, and uh, if you can't get back up in exp(gold isn't enourmously important, and the sharing system makes it not a problem now)
then obviously your a noob and don't know what your doing, and your gonna get pwnd anyway.

What I don't understand, is why are heroes muted 2 seconds rather than being invulnerable after reviving?

My guess is that if your base is safe it won't really matter, but if its under attack by the bane or vice versa, it will make it harder to defend and therefore will make it harder to prolong the game
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