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I spike whenever I rush a group of enemy sorcs with all 11 friendly sorcs and Jaina. It's repeatable.
I don't get what you mean by "my probabilities are not probabilities".
That's two separate quotes. TriggerSleepAction means timing is inconsistent and will work differently on bnet than your singleplayer testing. Timers are needed for reliability for such short delays. Maybe whatever is triggersleepactioned doesn't need precision, but I suspect that is not the case due to the comments.
By percentage I mean you're doing something probabilistic (GetRandomReal(0,100)) but on the right you've got something that is dependent on configuration stuff and can exceed 100. Probability is dimensionless, so your dimensioned configuration will change it in non obvious ways (don't have spell open atm).
This may be the cause of the lag?!
No, it's not something that builds up, it's computational spike-probably eye candy as vex suggests. Cleaning the leak can only make it worse in the short term.
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