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Awesome map, here are some suggestions..

General Suggestions

General Suggestions:
  • Smoke grenade does absolutly nothing, besides look cool, maybe it should give off ALOT more smoke making it so you could hide in it, or when in it you get a chance to evade.
  • Baracade should stop the bullet, instead of going through it. Because there is no use for baracade, and when you stack them up, true the bullet wont go through but 1 gerenade could blow them all up.
  • Explostion for normal TNT should be a bit bigger. Since you kinda have to be right next to it to die, and the bullet isnt quick enough to explode it when a player is near.
  • Later in the game you should add prone, so you could have a % chance to miss a bullet or not get hit behind baracade. Also giving a bigger radius for sniping and movement of the player who is proned is slower. This would make grenades and flash grenades more useful and easier to kill people with.
  • For team modes, guns should cost money.. making a little more interesting and a way to use money.
  • The ability poke is the most useless move, and quite annoying. I think should be removed.. :/
  • The ability roll is quite annoying also, doesnt even make sense, its basicly like a blink. Maybe instead you should add Dodge, where you turn invisible for a like 3 seconds and have invulnerablitly to dodge the bullet.
  • Add a reload system, where you maually reload yourself. Gets you more in with the action.
  • Fix up the hotkeys making it more easier to control, for example E shoot, R reload, T Roll... ect.
  • If weapons are free, you should get ammunation instead that will cost money. Also stealing guns from players who've died (including ammunation).
  • Flash grenade should flash you for about 5 seconds or more, since its too quick to be useful.
  • Your bullets for guns go through walls in team deathmatches, which is unfair.
  • The ability stealth is also usless because you will see them easly when close up.
  • Secondary weapon should be in the second inventory slot and the primary should be in the first inventory slot (makes more sense).
  • Sniper rifle should have at least 25% to 50% for chance of headshot (instant kill) and more range.

Item Suggestions

Item Suggestions:
  • Detinator: A bomb which will go off when you want it to
  • Mine: A bomb which will go off when someone is near it.
  • Body Armor: Add body armor which give you armor that will stop from full damage. Make light armor, medium and heavy.
  • Combat Knife: Attacks up close, when you attack a player from behind you get a backstab, an instant kill.
  • Net Trap: Walk over the net trap and you are netted for 10 seconds. Reason for it to be long is cause you have to be right on it (this should take place of the stun trap making it more realistic).

Hopefully I'm looking for more interesting items. Expecially like a detintor, instant kill knife, and body armors.
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