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I love it, and definatly want to play it again! However, I found a few bugs.

When I was playing regular with a friend, one of his hidden pieces (which was a treant on my screen) ended up a bit off-center. My opponent wasn't aware of the problem as the piece was in the proper space on my screen (only the treant that I could see wasn't.) Normally it's not a big deal, but a few turns later my opponent tried to move a piece next to this misaligned piece, and the piece he moved died, for no reason. I suspect it's because the game was confused about the position of the piece which wasn't centered.
At any rate, I don't know if this has to do with it, but the piece become uncentered when my opponent moved it at the same time as I was marking the piece (I was marking it as a bomb. I was obviously wrong since it moved!)

Later, we played the Samurai mode, and it was very buggy! A lot of the battle outcomes were NOT as they were described. In one situation, a 5C and a 5R tied, when the 5C should have won because of cavalry advantage. Also, the ninja was messed up SEVERAL times. There was a problem with the ninja attacking pieces and dying anyway. As I recall, this usually happened when he attacked 5's or 6's, but the explanation suggests that he should be able to beat any piece while attacking. As a minor issue, a few times a ranged unit would attack infantry and win, but the tip box said "Ranged Advantage Vs Cavalry." In one unusual case, the box said "Infantry Advantage Vs Cavalryt" (yes, there was a t after cavalry)

This first bug I described sounds like a rare occurence that may be fixed by some corrective triggers that check that every piece is in place... The second bug sounds like a bunch of triggers that aren't functioning properly, so I'll just refrain from playing samurai mode for now.
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