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I actually encountered no problems with this recent update. The music is perfectly fine people. Besides, I got used to it. It was odd to adjust to a new hero in the secod half though, but it all was fine. The Terrain is awsome about it. But in the TD part, shouldn't there at least be a little explination as to why the soldiers all magicly arn't able to defend the base? Maybe they needed to head back to the ship for something. I liked the name lord Kirby, it was sort of ironic to compare him to that nice ball of pink.

Edit: I noticed something odd about the Lird Kirby defence part. For some reason, I had 4 laborers spawn at the militia base where they did for the first quest. This is very odd, but I'm glad that it didn't end the mission when they died to all of my former towers. Oh, and since i beat it, I went back and used the see-all cheat to find odd things about the map. One is that in the second chapter there are some deamon things still around in that cave.
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