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Default AutoIndex

Optional add-on library: AutoEvents

AutoIndex is a very simple script to utilize. Just call GetUnitId(unit) to get get the unique value assigned to a particular unit. The GetUnitId function is extremely fast because it inlines directly to a GetUnitUserData call. AutoIndex automatically assigns an ID to each unit as it enters the map, and instantly frees that ID as the unit leaves the map. Detection of leaving units is accomplished in constant time without a periodic scan.

AutoIndex uses UnitUserData by default. If something else in your map would conflict with that, you can set the UseUnitUserData configuration constant to false, and a hashtable will be used instead. Note that hashtables are about 60% slower.

If you turn on debug mode, AutoIndex will be able to display several helpful error messages. The following issues will be detected:
  • Passing a removed or decayed unit to GetUnitId
  • Code outside of AutoIndex has overwritten a unit's UserData value.
  • GetUnitId was used on a filtered unit (a unit you don't want indexed).

AutoIndex provides events upon indexing or deindexing units. This effectively allows you to notice when units enter or leave the game. Also included are the AutoData, AutoCreate, and AutoDestroy modules, which allow you to fully utilize AutoIndex's enter/leave detection capabilities in conjunction with your structs.

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