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Approved Map: S3 Marine Corps

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Originally Posted by Metal_Sonic64
I agree with the e-mail thing Tim. brought up, I picked up an e-mail and read it, but apparently I was the only one that saw it. Even if you don't show it to all players, a message of "Player X has found an e-mail printout", and then have it logged in the quest menu. I'll admit, I was being lazy, but I can see it being quite tedious have to rewrite the e-mail so everyone else can read it.

There are 4 emails throughout the map. One of them (2 if the diff is high enough) has the code. The rest are basically spam emails derived from my inbox (yes, I even email myself reminders of what I wanna do). :p I was hoping people would realize that spam emails are useless and throw them away. I wasn't expecting people to type out the entire email, I was expecting they say the code or that it's useless.

Originally Posted by Metal_Sonic64
One of the other things in the map that I think could be improved are the abilities. Very simplistic, and I realise it's best that way, but a slightly different set for each marine-weapon type would be different. You could give the shotgunner his impact proffeciency, then perhaps, instead of evasion, a critical strike type ability, then 2 other abilities, universal for all marines (health bonus or something, can't think of another), then exchange rifle marine's first 2 abilities to piercing profeciency and evasion, then bash or something for fire and fire proffeciency.

I had a few people suggest something like this over the last year. Basically, the gameplay and strategy I wanted to create was to get players to decide which weapons and equipment they carry, and then decide how to use it. I wanted to give the marines passive abilities that would simply support them, but not give them a high enough advantage that they could just use one type of weapon and stock up on ammo for it.

Originally Posted by Metal_Sonic64
Overall, I enjoyed the maps, are you still planning on maknig the fourth installment?

I'm still planning on making Assault, and if it's response is good, I might make Quarantine as well.

Originally Posted by Tim.
I assume your 2 week time-frame is for all 3 maps? Shall I move all 3 maps to our Map/Campaign Projects forum for the duration of development? Also I would really prefer it if all 3 maps were in 1 thread, would you mind if I merged them for you?

Actually, I looked through the list again and realized how simple these changes are. I already have half the general gameplay issues worked out on the list, and should have all 3 maps ready by tomorrow or the day after that, so it shouldn't be necessary to move them. As for the merger, I was thinking of doing that before I posted the maps, but since I was posting 3 maps, I thought it should be in different threads. Feel free to merge them and call the thread "(12) S3 Marine Corps", using the Defense thumbnail since it's my latest one. Thanks!

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