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Approved Map: S3 Marine Corps

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Default (12) S3 Marine Corps

S3 Marine Corps

S3 Marine Corps by SentryIII



S3 Marine Corps is a collection of maps that share the same unique weapons system and gameplay mechanics. Each map represents a different mission your team must carry out, requiring teamwork and cooperation to complete the objectives and help each other stay alive.

The difficulty and learning curve has been made to allow those new to the series a chance to prove themselves worthy, while giving hardcore players the challenge they desire. S3 Marine Corps has 20 difficulty levels to choose from, and a load/save feature to carry your hard-earned "Award Points" from mission to mission.

The weapons system allows you to play any role you choose, be it a long-range shooter, a close-quarters combatant, melee fighter, fire support, or a combination of all of them. Choose and switch your weapons when the situation calls for it, and combine parts with them to improve their performance.

Although there are 20 difficulties, much of the game content is locked away in the higher difficulty levels. Beginners should start at difficulty 4 or lower.


- Over 30 weapons you can pick up, equip, reload, customize, and melee attack with!
- Work as a team to complete the objectives.
- Randomly generated terrain.
- A simplified damage and armor system.
- Custom button icons, sound effects and music.
- 20 levels of difficulty.
- Earn Award Points to gain higher stats and class for your marine.
- Load/Save feature to save your Award Points from each game.
- Use your code and transfer your points between all S3 Marine Corps Maps

Click image for larger version

Name:	s3mcs_preview.jpg
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ID:	11135 S3 Marine Corps Survival

S3 Marine Corps Survival

---Mission Briefing---
A transport carrying a squad of marines has just been shot down over an unknown location. You must find the parts to assemble the distress beacon and call for help. Your weapons and supplies have been scattered across the area, and hordes of enemies are closing in on your position. Send out a distress signal to HQ before it's too late!

---Mission Objectives---
- Find the parts for the Distress Beacon, assemble it, and deploy it
- Fortify your position and wait for evac to arrive
- Rendezvous with the Dropship at the Extraction Point




Mirror: Download S3 Marine Corps Survival v1.14

Click image for larger version

Name:	s3mci_preview.jpg
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ID:	11134 S3 Marine Corps Infiltration

S3 Marine Corps Infiltration

---Mission Briefing---
Information about experimental weapons and data has been leaked out, and its location has been confirmed to be in a recently abandoned base. You are to infiltrate the base and recover those weapons, and its data from their mainframes. Be careful, as it was abandoned for a reason.

---Mission Objectives---
- Locate and activate the two Power Generators
- Find a login code, or retrieve the ISE Breaker
- Download weapons information from the terminals onto Data Discs
- Retrieve the Lightning Gun
- Retrieve the Railgun
- Rendezvous with the Dropship at the Extraction Point




Mirror: Download S3 Marine Corps Infiltration v1.03

Click image for larger version

Name:	s3mcd_preview.jpg
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ID:	11133 S3 Marine Corps Defense

S3 Marine Corps Defense

---Mission Briefing---
Intelligence report that hordes of enemies are amassing the perimeter around a remote base. A stealth transport ship carrying vital supplies and equipment was shot down somewhere within the area. You must rescue any survivors and salvage any equipment fron the crash site, and work together to defend the base!

---Mission Objectives---
- Locate the crash site of the stealth transport
- Return all Damaged Cargo to the Cargo Return Point
- Defend the base until S-III Fighters can arrive
- Use the Infrared Laser to "paint" the two obelisks for the S-III Fighters
- Defeat all remaining enemies in the area




Mirror: Download S3 Marine Corps Defense v1.03



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