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Well I've got around to try Infiltration and Survival with friends...

I won't start a huge list of feedbacks but I'll state that...

- The objectives aren't really clear (I didn't try Defense). I mean, it took us 2 retries before understanding Infiltration correctly, and only the Generators part. We never found about the codes :P Regarding Survival... Well you don't know where to go. But the name says itself : you must survive and find things. I liked the fact you gotta search and destroy so my comment will finally only regard Infiltration. We thought about the E-mail thingys but it never told any code so we died - overwhelmed.

Except this well I saw a flaw with Rocket Launchers. They suck compared to Grenade Launcher ! They don't splash enough. Just use a Grenade Launcher and you will see the whole difference between the two. Well the gameplay problem where you have to click doesn't seem important so I skip it since it releaves only to the player to click ''A''. But the splash sucks compared to the grenade launcher !! :)

Other than this well the map is really fun. When you're overwhelmed you kind of freak out and these are my favorite moments playing your map :D

Good map ! I like it.

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